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23 October, 2019
«Student initiation ceremony» in the College of Sh.Ualikhanov
26 September, 2019
Students from Sh. Ualikhanov KSU and the College at KSU from 20 to 21 of  September 2019, took part in the Regional student rally of representatives of the clubs "Sanaly Urpak".
23 September, 2019
The Decade of languages of people of Kazakhstan at Multidisciplinary College  
5 September, 2019
28 June, 2019
«Good bye, my student years!» The presentation of diplomas to graduates of Manyprofile College  
18 June, 2019
The first year students of Multi Field College under Sh.Ualikhanov KSU have participated in training field preparations  
7 June, 2019
There was the event dedicated to the Day of the State Symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the Manyprofile College at KSU named after Sh.Ualikhanov  
3 June, 2019
«The Day of victims of political repressions» was remembered in Multifield college under Shоkаn Ualikhanov KSU University