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5 July, 2018
Dedicated to the National Domribra Day          On July 1, 2018, at 5:00 pm on Independence Square in Kokshetau, in order to support culture and art on the day of dombra's national day, Public Association "Qog'am jane Adam" together with Kokshetau State University named after Sh. Ualikhanov held a celebratory event "Ұлттық Dombra konji ".
8 June, 2018
Scientific-practical conference within the framework of the project "New Humanities Education. 100 new textbooks in the Kazakh language »
6 June, 2018
A Teacher. Scientist. Person.
5 June, 2018
The event dedicated to the memory of the victims of political repressions
1 June, 2018
Regional competition of readers "Zhaqy kytap  jaz azygy"
31 May, 2018
On 23 May 2018. in Kokshetau Sh. Ualikhanov State University held an annual traditional event for graduates – Open Doors Day. The aim of this event was to attract applicants to study in Kokshetau Shokan Ualihanov State University Multiprofile College. Teachers of the college told future applicants about the rules of admission to the college, the system of education and the prospects for obtaining an education. Here, the students of the college shared with the pupils impressions about the student life, public work, gave their advice.
30 May, 2018
The social project "Серпін-2050" developed under the state program "Мәңгілік ел жастары — индустрияға" is fully implemented in the country. This project gives a great opportunity for young people in the southern regions to get education in the northern, western and eastern regions of our country.
25 May, 2018
The role of the Department of World History and the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan in the formation of a model of unity and tolerance
24 May, 2018
“Open Doors Day” in the university