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A trip to the John Deere factory (Germany) by the student from Sh. Ualikhanov Kokshetau State University


          Every year, the official distributor of John Deere in the Republic of Kazakhstan holds a contest "The best student work on the theme" John Deere Machinery in the Republic of Kazakhstan " by the Eurasia Group Kazakhstan company.

        On November 27, 2018, the 1st stage of the republican competition was held at S. Sadvakasov AEI. The students of 3-4 courses of the specialty "Agricultural Engineering and Technology" took part in it. The members of the competition commission were representatives from Eurasia Group Kazakhstan LLP and teachers of S. Sadvakassov AEI. As a result of the 1st stage of the competition, the winner was the 3rd year student Gavrilov Dmitry Olegovich. Further, he took part in the 2nd stage of the competition, which took place among the universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Following the results of the 2nd stage, Dmitry Gavrilov also took first place and became the best in the Republic. Eurasia Group Kazakhstan LLP gave him a trip to the John Deere factories in Germany as a prize.

The trip took place on November 8, 2019. Dmitry Gavrilov, together with employees of Eurasia Group Kazakhstan LLP, visited the John Deere factories located in Germany in the cities of Bruchsal and Mannheim. The program began with the arrival at the John Deere Factory Bruchsal cab factory. Where the delegation was met by Account Manager Michael Schlipper. After that, he visited the European Parts Distribution Center (EPDC), which is located next to the cab factory. The spare parts distribution center contains about 300,000 spare parts for various John Deere agricultural  models and is one of the largest in the world.

    Dmitry Gavrilov also visited the city of Mannheim, where the second part of the program began - a visit to the John Deere Factory Manheim factory. The plant presented the stages of production of parts, assembly of components and assemblies of John Deere 6 series tractors. Most of the work performed at the plant is automated and is done using the robots. Thanks to this, the assembly of the tractor takes an average of 3.5 hours. The plant has a multi-stage quality control system at each stage of production. All welded structures are tested on the latest high-precision measuring equipment. After passing the painting, the elements are tested according to many parameters, the thickness of the paint layer and the quality of gloss are controlled. At each stage of assembly, the reliability of all nodes is also carefully monitored. After a tour around the factory, an excursion to the JD Forum took place, where the latest tractor models - 6R, 7R and 8R - are exhibited. The JD Forum building is the museum, which has the the first model of John Deere tractor - Waterloo Boy.

The trip to the John Deere factory left only a positive impression on the student, because it was interesting to get acquainted with the latest technological processes, engineering and the plant’s functioning system. It was surprising that the company relates to the quality of its products, what attention is paid to production and the assembly process. Everything related to the organization of the trip can also be characterized only on the positive side.

We believe that such a prize as a visit to the John Deere factory, motivates students to participate in the competition and arouses interest in the study of technology and helps maintain competition between participants.


Pic.1 Museum of JD Forum



Pic.2 Factory in Bruchsal



Pic.3  John Deere 8R



Pic.4 Meeting with John Deere Factory Representative -Michael Schlipper