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Registrar’s office

Сontact number: (87162) 72-11-50

Registrar’s office – is an academic service engaged in the registration of the entire history of the student's educational achievements and ensuring the organization of all types of knowledge control and the calculation of its academic rating.
Registrar’s office is intended for organizing the educational process on the credit technology of training, monitoring the quality of students' knowledge, recording the movement of the contingent of students and preparing statistical reports.

Registrar’s office performs the following functions:
·    forms individual plans for students;
·    coordinates student lists;
·    organizes the recording of students to study disciplines (Enrollment) with the involvement of structural units and advisers;
·    takes part in compiling a catalog of disciplines;
·    requests and receives from deans, heads of departments the necessary information;
·    organizes a system for monitoring the learning achievements of students;
·    schedules classes and exams for all forms of training;
·    keeps records of academic staff activities ;
·    controls the attendance of students;
·    schedules the work of the SAC, meetings of the SEC in accordance with the academic calendar;
·    assists in the selection of the direction of education and the development of the educational direction during the training period;
·    keeps the history of the students' learning achievements throughout the training period, which is reflected in the transcript;
·    organizes and conducts midterm assessment, calculates the academic rating of students(annual GPA);
·    organizes testing of students;
·    manages the process of creating academic records for all faculties, coordinates the policy of grading;
·    assists in the preparation of orders for transfer from course to course, from one specialty to another, from one organization to another, from one form of study to another;
·    takes part in the preparation of documents for the award of vacant educational state grants;
·    maintains registration and records of the movement students’ contingent in the university;
·    fills in the forms of state reporting on the progress and movement of the students’ contingent (3 NK, F34 etc.);
·    provides a transcript (academic certificate), orders and keeps records of the issuance of the diploma forms, and also confirms the authenticity of the diplomas;
·    keeps, stores, issues and returns documents of students.

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