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департамент науки и международного сотрудничества



    The main tasks of the Department of Science and International Cooperation:


    • Improving the effectiveness of scientific activities by the faculty of the University. work of the STC;


    • Enhancing the participation of university scientists in competitions for program-targeted, basic and grant funding;


    • Development of priority areas of fundamental and applied research;


    • Coordination of the scientific work of the faculties and departments of the university within the framework of the main scientific areas;


    • Attracting young people to scientific activities.


    • Organization of international, regional scientific conferences, round tables, and seminars. Providing information on scientific conferences, seminars, round tables held in universities of Kazakhstan, near and far abroad;


    • Strengthening intra-university, inter-regional and international scientific cooperation through the participation of teachers and students in scientific conferences, seminars, round tables;


    • Coordination of the research laboratories of the university;


    • Organization of effective protection of intellectual property by obtaining copyrights, certificates, patents;


    • Improving the scientific and professional qualifications of students through the passage of foreign internships;


    • Strengthening ties with leading foreign universities and research organizations, concluding internship agreements: Great Britain, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Belarus;


    • Conducting an analysis of indicators of the university’s research activities and preparation of reporting documentation on the university’s research activities.


    • “Commercialization of the results of scientific and scientific-technical work and competencies of faculty and students”


    • "Organization of the StartUp Academy"