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Library named after S. Sadvakasov

Agrarian-Economic Institute named after S. Saduakasov

     Library of the Agricultural and Economic Institute. S. Saduakasova is an integral part of the library of KSU Ualikhanov. The priority in the work is the promotion of the policy of sovereign Kazakhstan, in a more complete use of book wealth, for the education and upbringing of the new man(person).

Main tasks:

Ø library and information - bibliographic support of educational and scientific activities,

Ø acquisition and storage of library Fund,

Ø catalog maintenance,

Ø Automation of information and library processes.

     Currently, after optimization, the library has two departments: a subscription, a reading room. The library fund is universal and corresponds to the profile of specialties. The dormitory "House of Students" has a reading room. As a result of the joint efforts of the administration of the institute and the library workers, at the moment the fund amounts to more than 120,000 units of storage of printed and electronic publications that meet the profile of the university.Almost the entire arsenal of forms of mass work is used: exhibitions, open views, information and thematic reviews, specialist days, departments, graduate weeks, presentations of inventions, literary evenings, etc.


New progressive methods are introduced into the work: the group method of service, the selective dissemination of information, the differentiated service of senior management on higher education problems. It is equally important for students to know the minimum required bibliographic knowledge. To this end, libraries of educational institutions conduct lectures and practical classes. To ensure that the service is performed at the proper level, we are constantly in dialogue with our users. Library and bibliographic classes, excursions in the library, meetings with library staff are held for them.

The successes and achievements of the library would have been impossible without the dedicated and fruitful activities of the whole team. Served by the departments: Serdobintseva Irina Vladimirovna, NiyazbekovaMaynurEskendirovna, MukushevaArshaEsengeldinovna. employee of the reading room of the dormitory "Student's House" - AubakirovaBakhytZennatovna. The team is full of energy, creative plans and makes every effort to meet the modern requirements of library work.