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Scientific research work of young scientists and students

          Research work of young scientists and students 

In order to increase the prestige of the status of a young scientist and attract a student team to carry out research work in the Sh. Ualikhanov Kokshetau State University. effectively operates the Council of Young Scientists and Students (hereinafter CoYSaS).
The subject of CoYSaS activity is the promotion of creative scientific activity of young scientists, undergraduates, PhD doctoral students, students, as well as representation of the interests of young scientists, students in improving the conditions of scientific activity in collegiate management bodies of the university.
The aims of the CoYSaS activity are the activation of the scientific activity of young scientists, the attraction of student youth to science at the earliest stages of training, the formation of motivation for research, the pooling of efforts of young scientists and students to develop topical scientific problems and solve priority scientific problems.
To achieve these goals, CoYSaS carries out the following activities:
- coordinates the activities of young scientists, students of various departments of KSU in the organization of scientific research, plans and provides them with the necessary assistance in arranging outbound schools and conferences, scientific trips;
- organizes and conducts scientific conferences, seminars, outreach schools, exhibitions, forums, congresses and other events in which young scientists and students can participate;
- promotes the development of direct contacts between young scientists and students for the organization of interdisciplinary comprehensive scientific research aimed at solving actual and practically significant problems of modern science;
- conducts work on informing young scientists and students about scientific research and events conducted by foreign organizations, creates data systems, provides consulting and other services necessary for young scientists; establishes and maintains contacts with foreign commercial and non-commercial organizations;
- supports and stimulates innovative activity of young scientists and students, organizes and carries out activities related to investment programs and proposals for projects of young scientists;
- search for new forms of work of young scientists, initiates their introduction into practice, summarizes and disseminates the positive experience of scientific work of various departments of KSU;
- collects information about foreign and domestic funds and programs that provide grant support to young scientists;
- holds meetings with young people not participating in CoYSaS, and students;
- Coordinates its work with departments and departments of state bodies in the field of youth work and politics.
Performance of CoYSaS activities:
Republic level:

1. Republican competition for the best scientific work of students "Scientists of the Future" organized by the Foundation of the First President of the RK, our students take prizes (2015 - 3 prizes, in 2016 - 1 prize-winning place).
2. Republican competition for the best scientific research work of students: 2015 - 5 prize places, 2016 - 8 prize places, 2017 - 7 prize places.
3. Republican competition "Best course work" - 4 prize places (2016, Smagul Bakhtiyar, Muftahudtinova Diana, Zhakupov Murat, Domlevskaya Julia).
4. National Cup of student entrepreneurship, start-ups and innovations Enactus Kazakhstan National EXPO 2017 (April, 2017).


Regional level:
1. Competition of innovative ideas and projects "AKMOLA POWER" among young people, dedicated to holding the world exhibition "Expo-2017" in Kazakhstan (November, 2015) - 4 prizes
2. The competition of innovative ideas and projects "AKMOLA POWER" among the youth, dedicated to holding the world exhibition "EXPO-2017" in Kazakhstan (November, 2016) - 11 prizes.
City level:
Annually in Sh. Ualikhanov a hosts the "Week of Science" for students, within the framework of which an exhibition of scientific and technical creativity of students, sectional sessions of the student scientific-practical conference, competitions of scientific projects, meetings of student scientific circles, seminars, master classes, etc. are held.

Since 2017, in pursuance of the program of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship, approved by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as to intensify research work among students, undergraduates, PhD doctoral students, young scientists of  Sh. Ualikhanov's KSU held the university competition "Youth and Science" for the best work in the field of natural, agricultural, technical, economic and human sciences.


By the decision of the independent commission among the directors of business organizations, factories and funds of the city of Kokshetau, the owners of grants were:
1. Kozhageldina Perizat Talgatovna, Master of 1 year of training in the specialty "Information Systems";


2. Dosumbekov Erlan Kadyrovich, senior lecturer of the department "Information systems and computer technology", graduate PhD doctoral studies;

3. Kakabaeva Dinara Serikovna, senior lecturer of the department of "Pedagogy, psychology and social work", graduate of the "Bolashak" program;

4. Rakhymzhanov Erkesh Akanovich, teacher of the department of "Foreign Language and MP", a graduate of the "Bolashak" program.

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