Kazakhstan is a fantastic country, its people are diverse and the natural beauty present is very diverse varying from esteeps in the North to high mountains in the South. I cooperate since 1998 with Kazakhstan and it is always a pleasure to find venues for cooperation and share of knowledge with other peers and students. The stage of teaching development, or at least the stage I am currently involved at, it is particular relevant for the internationalization of Kazakh universities although one needs a high degree of improvisation. With recent changes in education, students should feel more comfortable in making swift changes in class instruction, as well creating new methods of teaching in the planning stage. This for me is the most exciting stage so far; creating your own ideas and seeing them aid a student in their learning is highly rewarding, then passing them onto your peers although some bureaucratic procedures are a bit nerve wracking and unnecessary. Nevertheless, I really appreciate the hospitality of students and workers in making my stay at Kokchetau a joyful one.

Carlos Garcia Machado, Gottingen University, Germany

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