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Academic mobility


Program of internal academic mobility

Academic mobility is the transfer of someone related to education for a certain (usually up to a year) period to another educational institution (in their own country or abroad) to study, teach or conduct research, after which a student, teacher or researcher returns to his/her studying University. This concept is not related to emigration or a long period of study (work) abroad. (Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe in 1996).

To participate in the program of academic mobility withinin Kazakhstan, leave a request at

Required documents to be attached:

1. Application of the student 2 copies - office 212;

2. 3 * 4 photos - 2 pictures;

3. A letter of recommendation from teachers (in free form with the signature and seal of the dean);

4. Transcript (SSC);

5. Individual curriculum (Platonus);

6. Consent of parents in free form;

7. Medical certificate 086 + fluorography, vaccination passport;

8. Copy of identity card - 2 copies;

9. File –1