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Laboratory of Selection and Seed Growing

Laboratory of Selection and Seed Growing

Experiments on evaluation as a source material of the world collection of spring soft wheat: Canada, Russia (SRIoA, OSAU), Norway, Kazakhstan (Pavlodar NIISH, UNPACC  Barayev, etc.);

Experiments on ecological strain testing of maize, sunflower, leguminous crops.

Experiments within the framework of the grant project of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Development of a technology for the production of biomass for the production of bioethanol based on the cultivation of sugar sorghum"

To conduct high-quality production practice and conduct research work of the teaching staff and students in the specialties "Agronomy" and "Soil Science and Agrochemistry" with further introduction of research results into production, i.e. commercialization of scientific-selective discovery.
In 2015, 16 students in the specialty "Agronomy" defended the thesis work done according to the results of SRWS in the UNPK "Elite".
In 2016, 16 students passed the scientific and production practice on the basis of UNIT "Elite", of which 13 are trained in the specialty "Agronomy" and 3 "Soil Science and Agrochemistry".
The main theme of the scientific research is "Joint study, introduction and creation of new varieties of spring soft wheat from the Agricultural Research Institute of Kazakhstan and foreign countries". The creation and selection of breeding material requires quality work from the beginning of the study and until the final result is obtained.
An agreement was concluded with SPK "RZH" Akmola region - for 3 years - 11 million tenge (2015-2017) (Socio-entrepreneurial corporation Regional Grain Holding)
According to the agreement, we have fulfilled all the items of the planned work for 2016.
41 varieties and 10 lines were sown in the nursery of the ecological test at the experimental site of Agrofirma Miras Jer LLP, as well as 15 varieties of Kazakhstan breeding in the nursery of pre-breeding. In addition, 104 varieties of Shuttle selection were planted in UNIT "Elite". During the entire vegetation period, the onset of phenological phases of plant growth and development, the care of planting were recorded.
In the autumn, 28 varieties of winter wheat, triticale and rye of all varieties were sown.

Report of the Laboratory of Selection and Seed Production

After the completion of the structural analysis for each culture, the graduate students began to determine the technological qualities of seeds (grains) of crops harvested from experimental plots. Experimental sites are located near the S.Saduakassov's  AEI and in the UNPK "Elite". In 2015, 18 students of the specialty "Agronomy" passed scientific and industrial practice on 2 sites.
All students after the laboratory studies and on the data of observations wrote a thesis and successfully defended. The main theme of the thesis is "Ecological Test of Varieties of Agricultural Crops". 10 graduates took part in the weeks of the science of students and three of them, following the results of the  Student  Scientific and Practical Conference within the framework of the VІІІ week of science, students received second-degree diplomas - Kabdualiyev Bauyrzhan fourth-year student, Argyn Asel third-year student, Khadzhimuratova Zamira third-year student, as well as Shamshitov A. received a diploma of the third degree.
Unaibekova A.E. student of the 4-year course at the Republican contest "Scientists of the future" won the 1 st place and was awarded a medal with the presentation of the diploma. Student A. Shamshitov won the third place among the contestants in the specialty "Agronomics" at the subject Olympiad in Almaty
Employees of the laboratory have written and published in collections, and bulletins of regional importance, 3 articles the main theme-introduction or adaptation of varieties of Kazakhstani, foreign crop selection.
In the spring of 2016 in "Elite" on an area of ​​1.5 hectares the employees of the laboratory "Selection and seed farming" laid experiments for the ecological testing of crops in the steppe zone of the Akmola region. 36 varieties of spring soft wheat, 4 varieties of barley and 8 varieties of hard wheat of the selection department Karaganda Research Institute of Plant Growing and Breeding, Karabalyksky Agricultural Experimental Station, Pavlodar NISSHA, KazRIOAACP and 104 numbers of spring wheat of foreign selection, 4 maize hybrids, 4 sunflower hybrid. The students of the third year laid small-scale experiments to determine the norm of sowing lentils, the terms and rates of sowing of the radish of olive oil, the timing of sowing of safflower and the determination of the technical qualities of buckwheat groats of the variety "Shortandine coarse grain".
At present, grain crops have been removed in terms of maturation, corn and sunflower crops have not been harvested, the cleaning time has not come. Of spring soft wheat not harvested, sowed for 2 weeks later than the rest.
In May, a memorandum was drawn up between the SPK "Regional Grain Holding" and Sh. Ualikhanov KSU , and an agreement was signed for research work on testing varieties of grain crops.
Together with SEC "Regional Grain Holding" Akmola region and Sh. Ualikhanov  Kokshetau State University in the ecological plan on the experimental field LLP "Agrofirma Miras Jer" is conducting research work on the theme "Testing and introduction of varieties of spring soft wheat selection of foreign countries of different ripeness group". In LLP "Agrofirma Miras Zher" (village Prirechenskoye), 15 varieties of spring soft wheat were sown for breeding.
To solve this problem in Sh. Ualikhanov Kokshetau State University  held a regional meeting on the theme "Scientific basis for increasing the productivity of spring crops in the Akmola region." The regional meeting was attended by members of the SEC "Regional Grain Holding" Akmola region, headed by the director Tashenovym ES, the director of the PC SC of the North-Kazakhstan region Iskakov M.H., the representatives of the LLP "Center agrocompetentium" NPP RK "Atameken", scientists of S.A. Sadvakassova's  Agrarian and Economic. At the meeting, reports on the role of varieties and seeds in increasing the yield of spring soft wheat were presented by the director of the "Regional grain holding" SEC Tashenovym E., scientists of the Agrarian and Economic Institute. S. Sadvakassova - Academician K. Abdullaev, Associate Professors Alenov Zh.N., Syzdykova GT, Master Ismailova AA

The sum of the contract for 2 years is 11 million tenge. We have submitted a grant project for participation in the competition on the topic "Testing and introduction of varieties of spring soft wheat for breeding of foreign countries of different ripeness groups" for the amount of 22 million tenge.
This year, 13 students from them specializing in agronomy-11, soil science and agrochemistry-2 are conducting scientific and industrial practice. From the experimental site "Elite", LLP "Agrofirma Miras-Zher" harvested varieties of grain crops, and are currently undergoing laboratory tests.
A brochure was published on the characteristics of the tested varieties.
In the "Agrofirm Miras-Zher" LLP under the contract, 20 varieties of winter wheat, one variety of rye and 7 triticale were sown.
According to the results of the research, 4 articles will be written.
The pre-production practice in UNPK "Elite" with students of the 3-year period (the year of 2013 admission)
Receiving reports from students of the 4-year course on production and pre-graduation practice (2013, October 2016 and March-April 2017). Specialty: 5В080100 Agronomics