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Submitted by rusadmin on 11 December 2020

Since childhood I have loved to test my knowledge. This was taught to me by my parents and teachers. As a child, my grandfather and grandmother, in order to improve their knowledge that  they acquired at school, played various intellectual games with me. Perhaps, due to this, I was interested in various Olympiads and competitions.

During my studies at school, I always took part in chemistry Olympiads at city, regional, republican and international levels. As a student, I continued my hobby I had started.

The Erudite program annually holds various interesting Olympiads and contests. After watching another program of the “ Erudite” program, my friend invited me to take part in the Olympiad. I did not set myself a goal: to win, I was interested in the questions of the Olympiad, I wanted to test myself and my knowledge, and therefore decided to take part in it. But I am glad that I won, and this is the merit of my chemistry teacher Mazhitova Mariyash Seitovna, who gave me such a deep knowledge.

                                                                                Aigerim Tatyguzhina