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RSEA Platonus

The department of registration student’s educational achievements is created in order to implement the requirements of the provisions of the credit system of education by automating the educational process with the help of the automated information system "PLATONUS".
AIS "PLATONUS" consists of virtual private accounts for the key roles of the educational process and a centralized database of the university, which stores all information about the educational process. Personal accounts of all participants of the educational process help to facilitate and automatically perform the basic labor-intensive operations, jointly forming an integrated system that solves a wide range of university tasks.
Head of the Department of registration student’s educational achievements is Shukenova Gulzhan Prmanovna.
Main areas of activity:

  • implementation of the policy and objectives of the KSU in the field of quality;
  • realization of stages of the life cycle of educational services;
  • organized and operational information support for the activities of faculties and the departments of the University in the implementation of the credit system of education;
  • formation of individual study plans for students and monitoring the implementation of working curricula;
  • organization of current, midterm, intermediate and final control of knowledge;
  • calculation of the academic ranking of students (average GPA scores);
  • registration of the history of educational achievements of the students;
  • participation in the implementation of the formation of Kazakhstan model of credit and re-crediting type of ECTS, promotion of academic mobility within and outside the country;
  • organization of a system for monitoring the learning achievements of students during the entire period of study;
  • management of the process of compiling academic records for all faculties, coordinating the policy of rating;
  • preparation of orders for transfer from course to course;
  • optimization of the structure and content of the learning process;
  • coordination of the educational process of deans and departments according to the academic calendar.

Contact information:

020000, Kokshetau, Abai str., 76
2 floor, office №216, phone number 721114. office №219, phone number 721108

E-mail address -

Head of the Department of registration student’s educational achievements:
 Shukenova Gulzhan Prmanovna

Phone number: 72-11-14,


How is the AIS Platonus rating calculated?
Final score = Average -current score * 0.6 + Exam score * 0.4

Is it possible to retake the exam?
The reassessment of the positive score of the final control with a view to raise it during the same period of midterm assessment is not permitted.
A student who does not agree with the result of final control should appeal not later than the next working day after the examination.

Is it possible to change the score of the current control?
During the period of theoretical training, the student has the right to improve the score of the current control.

Is it possible to improve rating after the exam?
After conducting and submitting an assessment of final control, the student has no right to improve their rating.

Does the password change (when changing names, changing from course to course, changing to another specialty)?
AIS "Platonus" or workers of the department do not change the passwords of students and employees in the above cases.

Is it possible to restore the password?
It is not possible to restore the previous password. Workers of the department can give you a new password in face-to-face meeting.

How can I change the photo in the system?
It is not possible to change the photo in the AIS "Platonus" independently. You can upload a photo of 3x4 in electronic form and bring it to the department (office №225) or send it by mail to the post with the full name and specialty.

Do missed classes affect on admission ratings?
They are not regarded by the system as F and are not taken into account when calculating the access rating.

What does zero mean in student’s journal?
0 - means unsatisfactory, i.e. F.

How is the GPA calculated?
The GPA is calculated using the following formula:

Where can I view the GPA?
The GPA can be viewed in a transcript.

Where can I found the score of the current control and the exam?
In student’s journal.

Can I get a password for a third party?

When are scores presented by the teacher?
Scores are presented during the theoretical period. On Friday at 9:00 of the last 15 weeks of theoretical training, the AIS "Platonus" system is closed to form rating statements.

Does course paper affect on the evaluation of final control?
The assessment for course paper is an admission to the exam and is presented at the end of the theoretical period of study, i.е. at the end of 15 weeks. The “weight” of the course paper in the calculation of the final grade is set by each teacher independently.

Does the score of the course paper, practice and physical culture affect on the scholarship?
All scores, including those obtained on course paper, practice and physical culture, are taken into account by the scholarship committee when assigning the scholarship.

Where can I get a guide to work in the AIS "Platonus"?
The manual on work in the AIS "Platonus" is automatically sent by e mail through the system to all teachers and students.