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Student department

Head of department: KhassenovaTakhmina

Contact phone number: (87162) 25-43-93, 72-11-07


Student department - is a department dealing with the acceptance and storage of personal files of students, registration and movement of students, receiving applications for vacant educational grantreleased in the process of obtaining higher education, registration of duplicates of diplomas and supplements to them, correspondence with organizations, issuing certificates of non-completion of higher education or postgraduate education.

The student department performs the following functions:

  • Works with students, provide consulting assistance to students in training activities;
  • Accepts and processes applications of students applying for vacant educational grants released in the process of obtaining higher education;
  • Prepares and coordinates student lists, manages information;
  • Provides information and reports for the administration and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Issues certificates on non-completion of higher (or postgraduate) education and registers them;
  • Keeps a record of the number and movement of the contingent of students, compiles statistical reports form 3-NK;
  • Offers consultations on the resume studies, expulsion and transfer of students;
  • Forms students' personal files;
  • Formsstudentlists;
  • Receives from deans, heads of departments necessary information;
  • Issue duplicates of diplomas and supplements to them;