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Unified National Testing (UNT) is one of the forms of the final students' assessment in secondary schools, combined with the entrance exams.
UNT is conducted for:
- graduates who wish in the current academic year to go to the universities of Kazakhstan;
- applicants for the General Certificate of Secondary Education "Altyn Belgi" General Certificate of Secondary Education with honors;
- Winners of republican scientific competitions and Olympiads in general subjects of current year.

NTC develops technologies, instructions and software for UNT. A state Commission are appointed aimed at organizing and conducting the UNT at each testing point. The control over compliance with the technology of the UNT is performed by the representatives of the Ministry.

Testing is conducted on the tests developed by National Testing Center based on general education programs, their content cannot go beyond these programs.
Information disclosing the content of the tests and the codes of correct answers are of state secrets.
The number of tests in each subject is 25. The correct answer to each test item is evaluated as one grade.
Complex Testing of applicants (CTA) is a form of examination conducted simultaneously on several subjects, using information technologies.
CTA is conducted for graduates of:
previous years;
international exchange programs of students abroad and those who did not participate in the UNT;
Republican musical boarding schools;
Technical and vocational (primary and secondary vocational, post-secondary) education organizations;
educational institutions abroad.

CTA carried out in 4 subjects: Kazakh or Russian language (the language of instruction), history of Kazakhstan, mathematics and elective subject (geography, physics, biology, chemistry, Kazakh literature (Russian literature), a foreign language).

For the participation in complex testing applicant shall submit a statement on a special form to admissions office of higher education institution, certificate or diploma of primary professional (technical and professional) or secondary professional (post-secondary) educational institution (original), receipt of payment for the testing, two photographs in the size of 3x4, medical certificate form 086, as well as a copy of an identification document.
The list of documents needed to enter the University


Dear applicants! For entering to the university you must provide the following documents:


1. A statement addressed to the rector of the university;
2. The original of the document of secondary education (general secondary education), technical and professional or higher education (certificate, college diploma, etc.)
3. 6 photos (size 3x4);
4. The medical certificate of a form 086-U (with a fluorography picture)
5. The original certificate of UNT or CTA;
6. The health passport (or 063 form vaccination card);
7. The identification document and its copy (identity card or passport);



Dear applicants!

          Welcome to the "Applicant" section! On this page you can find useful information about the educational programs of the university, the innovations of UNT, the list of groups of educational programs for which special and (or) creative exams are held and  other information.

Admission committee contacts:

Phone: 8 (7162) 72-11-12


Address: Kokshetau, st. Abay, 76, office number 132