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Department of Engineering Technologies and Transport

History of the department:
The department was founded in 1981 in Kokchetav branch of Tselinograd Agricultural Institute, which then in 1991 was renamed into Kokchetav Agricultural Institute, and in 1996 became a part of Sh. Ualikhanov Kokshetau State University.
The founders of the department were well-known scientists of North Kazakhstan: Valko A.A., Wilhelm Ya.Ya., Poddubny A.A., Rupeta V.E., Nurmaganbetov K.R.
The first head of the department was Nurmaganbetov K.R., nowadays he is a doctor of economic sciences, professor, full member of the International Academy of the Organization of Science and Labor Practice. During 1992-1995 the department was headed by Poddubny A.A.,Rupeta V.E.- now  he is a professor of Krakow University (Poland), Barinov V.A.
Teachers of the department published over 300 scientific articles, published 4 monographs, 15 teaching aids, 2 dissertations were defended, 11 copyright certificates of the USSR and patents of the RK for invention were obtained. The range of questions reviewed in them: mechanization of technological processes, diagnostics, maintenance and repair of machines, theoretical aspects of general mechanics, gas and liquid motion, process automation, research of technological properties of materials, increasing the technical potential, restoring worn parts, processing technology , substantiation of agro formations of Northern Kazakhstan.
The scientific and pedagogical activity of the academic staff became the basis for the exchange of students and teachers with the leading local and international training centers in Astana, Almaty, Chelyabinsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Melitopol, Barnaul, Omsk.
Applied studies of the department are devoted to assessing the reliability of machines in the region, cleaning and clarifying oils, introducing new ways of restoring parts, investigating the possibility of using new anticorrosive materials, sealing dispersed media, "Biological features of selection of sweet clover in the conditions of Northern Kazakhstan", "Influence of the basic elements of the machine structure on complexity of the controlling system"," Research of agroforming peasant farm in Northern Kazakhstan ", "Technological advantages of perspective varieties of wheat for Northern Kazakhstan".
The department cooperates with: leading scientific, scientific-educational, production and research centers, processing enterprises.
Students of the department are actively engaged in scientific research work, participate in conferences, competitions.
Since 2000 the head of the department is the candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Eszhanov G.S.
The number of academic members is 17 persons, including 2 doctors of technical sciences, 3 candidates of technical sciences, 1 candidate of physical and mathematical sciences and 1 candidate of agricultural sciences.

The department trains bachelors in the following specialties:
• 5В071300 - "Transport, transport equipment and technologies"
• 5В072800 - "Technology of processing industries"
• 5В071200 - "Mechanical engineering"

Akinov Erzhan Kakimovich

candidate of technical sciences

Phone number: +7 (705) 671-31-05;

Office  № 414, campus №2 (Temirbekov Street, 30)


Akinov Erzhan Kakimovich

Head of the Department

Educational programs:

5В071300 - Transport, transport equipment and technologies

5В071200 - Mechanical engineering

5В072800 - Technology of processing industries

Educational and scientific laboratories:

Laboratory "Hydraulics and heat engineering" (classroom № 206, campus № 2)

Laboratory "Machine elements" (classroom № 413, campus № 2)

Laboratory "Engineering Technologies" (classroom № 400, campus № 2)

Laboratory of "Transport Engineering" (classroom № 406, campus № 2)

Laboratory of "Theoretical and Applied Mechanics" (classroom № 408, campus № 2)

Academic staff:
Eszhanov Galikhan Serdalinovich
Kuzembaev Serik Bapaevich
Loskutova Galina Andreevna
Poddubny Alexander Alexandrovich
Akinov Erzhan Kakimovich
Abdrakhmanova Saule Tulebaevna
Dubinets Irina Mikhailovna
Kalin Arman Kabdrakhmanuly
Alibekova Anar Toleukhanovna
Shunekeeva Alma Aitkozhaevna
Poddubny Ruslan Alexandrovich
Kabdulina Anara Tasbolatovna
Magafirin Agzam Magapirauly
Poddubnaya Dolores Mustajanovna
Kulbaeva Valiya Botashevna
Bekishov Kanat Kozhabekovich

Educational-supporting staff of the department:
Karibzhanova Meruert Seitkanovna
Koshekova Sabira Amantayevna
Khametova Zamzagul Zhapeshnovna
Moldazaliev Fazil Kairatovich
Phone: 8 (7162) 40-19-97
Address: Temirbekov st., 30, campus № 2, office №203, 206, 414 (staffroom)
Presentation of the department