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Department of Mining, Civil Engineering and Life Safety

History of the department:

The history of the department begins in 1963, when the general technical faculty of Pavlodar Industrial Institute was opened in Kokchetav on the basis of a mechanical, later instrument-making plant, which included only one department of "general engineering disciplines". Preparation for the third course was conducted in the evening form of training in the specialty: "Industrial and civil engineering", "Technology of mechanical engineering", " Vehicles and vehicle fleet". In 1972 the faculty became the part of Karaganda Polytechnic Institute.
In 1987 the faculty moved to a new well-equipped campus. In 1988 the faculty has opened the specialty "Radio Engineering". Since 1990 the faculty has correspondence department in the specialty "Industrial and civil engineering". The first dean was Professor Aitkozhin K.A.
In 1995 the department began training in the specialty "Open Mining", in this connection the department was transformed and called - the department of "Civil Engineering and Mining". The head of the department was Beisekeieva S.Z.
Specialty 19.02.40 "Open cast mining" was approved by the Ministry of Education of the RK dated February 15, 1995, No. 36.
In 2000 was the first class of graduates of this specialty at Sh. Ualikhanov Kokshetau University.
The normative duration of training with a separation from production is 4 years and 10 months. Qualification - mining engineer.
Open cast mining is the area of material production, which includes a set of means, methods and methods of human activity aimed at solving complex problems associated with the design of the reconstruction and operation of mining enterprises with open mining. Mining engineer in accordance with the fundamental and special training can perform the following types of professional activity:
- productive-technical work;
- organization and management;
- design and engineering;
- teaching.
The production base was the OJSC “Vasilkovsky GOK”, which president was Absalyamov Kh.K.
Classes were conducted by specialists of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection: Bilyalov SK. - head of the department, K. Nurgozhaev - head of the department.
In 2001 the two faculties were merged and on their basis an agro-engineering faculty was created, which at different times was headed by : Zh. N. Alenov., A.A. Poddubny, A.A. Shakhanov, S.T. Memeshov, U.M. Sagalbekov, I.B. Fakhrudenova, E.F. Tushanov.
Since 2004 the educational program of the bachelor degree of specialty 050707 - "Mining" has been introduced, in 2008 was the first class of graduates.
In 2007 the specialty "Open cast mining» and "Mining" became a part of the department "Agro-engineering and forestry ", in connection with this the department was transformed and called "Agro-engineering, mining and forestry". The head of the department was E.F. Tushanov. According to the results of the republican rating on bachelor's specialties held by the National Accreditation Center of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the department took the following places: in 2009, Agro-engineering (2 nd place), Forestry (3rd place); in 2010, "Forestry" (2 nd place); in 2011, all three specialties of the department " Agro-engineering ", "Forestry " and "Mining" took the 1 st place.
In the year of the 20th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Sh. Ualikhanova KSU for the first time was a competition for the title "Best Department". In this competition the department of "Agro-engineering, mining and forestry" got a victory.
In 2014, the engineering specialties were merged and the faculty "Engineering and Technology" was formed. Specialties "Mining" and "Life Safety and Environmental Protection" were united in a general department called "Mining and Life Safety and Environmental Protection". The head of the department became - Kh. K. Absalyamov.
In 2015 the department had a new specialty 5В072900 - "Civil Engineering" and was renamed into "Mining, Civil Engineering and Life Safety", headed by candidate of engineering sciences Khaimuldinova A.K.
The department trains bachelors in the following specialties:
5В070700 - "Mining";
5В072900 - "Civil Engineering";
5В073100 - "Life Safety and Environmental Protection";
Master's degree-6M073100 - "Life Safety and Environmental Protection"
All disciplines which are taught at the department fully provided with educational and methodological aids, modern scientific technical literature.
The laboratories are equipped with modern equipment, which is necessary for the qualitative laboratory and practical training.
The graduates are the pride of the department. Many of them work in leading positions and engaged in scientific activities. Among them: Budko E.Ya. - the director of the project company "Nedra-Engineering"; Baidalin D.E. - Head OGR LLP "Altyntau-Kokshetau", Kurmantas R.S. - Project Manager «Altyntau-Kokshetau» LLP «Maxsam - int», Boginsky Yu. – Operator of  LLP «Altyntau-Kokshetau»; Shaimerdenova A.B. - Chief Engineer of Kokshetau-Zholdary LLP; Selinok E. - head of the plant for the production of the matrix of «Maxsam - int», LLP; Litvinov A. - the chief engineer of LLP «Altyntau-Kokshetau», section chief of BSB.

Zhanshuakova Raushan Madetovna

Candidate of engineering sciences
Associate professor
Phone number:

Zhanshuakova Raushan Madetovna

Head of the Department of Mining, Civil Engineering and Life Safety

Educational programs:


  • Mining
  • Life Safety and Environmental Protection
  • Civil Engineering


  • Life Safety and Environmental Protection
  • Educational and scientific laboratories:
  • Laboratory "Physical studies of subsurface rocks"
  • Training laboratory for the discipline "Mineral processing"
  • Laboratory of Building Materials and Products
  • Laboratory "Life safety and environmental protection"
  • Museum of Minerals

Academic staff:
Zhanshuakova Raushan Madetovna Senior Tutor, Head of the Department
Absalyamov Hasen Kabdulovich Candidate of engineering sciences, Dean
Abzhapparov Abdumutalip Abzhapparovich D.Eng.Sc., Professor
Zharkynbekov Temirkhan Niyazovich Candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences., Associate Professor
Maramova Saule Sultanovna Doctor of Economics, Professor
Moldagulova Bakhyt Aldazharovna Senior Tutor
Kaumetova Dinara Suindikovna Senior Tutor
Sofronova Lyudmila Ivanovna Candidate of biological sciences, Senior Tutor
Abramova Svetlana Aleksandrovna Senior Tutor
Khvatina Natalia Vasilyevna Tutor
Kalashinov Nurlan Koishynovich Tutor
Utegenov Esentai Amantayevich Master of Engineering, tutor
Kishkenbaev Nurzhan Baidulayevich Master of Engineering, tutor
Kenzhegalieva Karlygash Kulyshevna Master of Engineering, tutor
Baikenov Nurlan Almazovich Master of Engineering, tutor
Tulegenova A.D. Tutor
Gromov V.V. Tutor
Mukanova A.K. Tutor
Nurmaganbetov A.Zh. Tutor
Kozhaev G.K. Tutor

Educational-supporting staff of the department:

Balpanova A.E.
Kanagatova N.B.

Presentation of the department