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Faculty of History, Law, Art and Sport

Address: Akmola region, Kokshetau,
Akan-Sery 24, campus No. 4

Tel. : 8 (7162) 26-55-50

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Faculty of History, Law, Art and Sport of Sh. Ualikhanov Kokshetau State University - is one of the most promising departments of higher educational institute (university) of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The proof to that is a highly professional academic staff. The number of students enrolled in the disciplines of ”History”, “Law”, “Design”, “Fine Arts and Drawing”, and “Physical Education and Sports” is growing every year. Over a number of years, the faculty has prepared about 4 thousand qualified specialists who are currently working in the various fields of science and production. The faculty cooperates with other universities and leading scientists of Kazakhstan and the neighboring countries.

Bakseitova Akbota Tastanbekovna

Candidate of historical sciences
Contacts: 26-55-50, 8701 378 87 82
Office 219, campus #4

Bakseitova Akbota Tastanbekovna

Dean of the faculty of the HLAS

Shaimukhanova Karlygash Dauletovna

Contacts: 26-55-50 
Office 219, campus #4

Shaimukhanova Karlygash Dauletovna

Methodologist of the Faculty

         Department of "National History and Ruhani Zhangyru"
         Department of "General History and social - humanitarian disciplnes"
         Department of "Law"
         Department of "Fine arts, drawing and design"
         Department of "Theory and practice of Sports"

Educational programs:
Undergraduate studies:
     5В011400 - History and Religious Studies
     5В030100 - Law
     5В010700 - Fine arts and drawing
     5В012000 – Professional education
     5В042100 - Design
     5В010800 - Physical education and Sports
Graduate studies:
     6M020300 - "History"
     6M030100 - "Law"
Postgraduate studies (PhD):
     6D020300 - "History"