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Кафедра экономики и учета

Goals and objectives of the department:

• ensuring compliance of the content and results of the educational process with the requirements adequate to the demands of the regional labor market for training in relevant areas;

• full implementation of all parameters of the Bologna process;

• activation of internal academic mobility of students.

Prospects for employment:
The graduate has good opportunities for employment in various economic and financial structures, joint-stock companies, partnerships and non-profit organizations, and can be engage in entrepreneurial activities.
Students can pass educational and production practices under the operating enterprises of the town,such as: JSC "Tynys", JSC "Kazpost", JSC "Altyntau Kokshetau", JSC "Kokshetauminvody", JSC "Tsesna bank", JSC "Risk-business", advertising agency "Star MEDIA", LLP "Soft Master".
For today, classes at the university are conducted on the dual system of education, where practical classes are conducted directly at the enterprises. At the department of "Economics and Accounting" there is a branch of the LLP "Soft Master".

History of the Department of “Economics and Accounting”>>>

Ashimova Indira Darbaevna

Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor.
Phone number +7 (7162) 77 10 12;
Str. Kuanyshev192, Campus No. 5, office No. 326.

Ashimova Indira Darbaevna

Head of the Department of Economics and Accounting

Educational programs:

  • 6B04105 Accounting and audit
  • 7M04103 Economy by industry
  • 7M04103 Sustainable agriculture and rural development


Educational and scientific laboratories:

  • Laboratory "1C Accounting"
  • Classroom of Accounting and Audit
  • Classroom of Economic Theory
  • Classroom of Statistics
  • Office of financial and managerial accounting
  • Classroom of Economics and Planning

Faculty staff:


  •          Ashimova Indira Darbaevna- Candidate of Economic Sciencesassociate professor
  •          Iskakov Abay Zhantasovich- Doctor of Economics, associate professor
  •          Kusainov Kasymkhan Kudaibergenovich- Doctor of Economics, Professor
  •       Beligibaeva Anargul Sarsenbaevna-head of department, Candidate of Economic Sciences, associate professor
  •          Baygarina AliyaTurganovna- PhD, senior lecturer
  •         Dzhakupova Aimgul Nurlanovna- master of Management, senior lecturer 
  •         Beketova Ayman Muratbekovna- senior lecturer
  •          Zakirova Maral Serikovna - master of Economics, senior lecturer
  •          Utegenova Zhuldyz Sayranovna- master of Management, senior lecturer 
  •          Kalzhanova Katira Amantaevna - master of Economics, senior lecturer
  •          Kazhatova Guldana Nartaeva- master of Management, senior lecturer 
  •          Burmaganov Unerbek Zhumabekovich- teacher
  •          Zhaparova Dina Kabdygalimovna- master of Management, senior lecturer 
  •         Tleubaeva Zauresh Daulbayevna - senior lecturer
  •       Kuchukbaev Nurbolat Myrzagaliyevich - master of Economics, senior lecturer
  •       Konuspayeva Ainur Tleuhanova - senior lecturer

Teaching and supporting staff of the department:

  • Nurpeisova Alma Sharipovna


Phone number: 8 (7162) 32-83-59

The address of the department: st.Kuanyshev 170, Campus №5, 3rd floor, Office № 328

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