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Law department

History of the department:
The Law department was created by the order No. 523 dated July 4, 2011. The department has 17 tutors who prepare specialists in the field of law. This is the academic staff of experienced and efficient lecturers.

Tileubergenov Erazak Manapovich

Master of Law
+7(707) 859 56-51
8 (716-2) 72-11-18 (office)
Office №220
Campus № 4 (Akan Sery street, 24)

Tileubergenov Erazak Manapovich

Head of Law department

Educational programs:
    5В030100 -Law
    6M030100 -Law
Educational and scientific laboratories:
     Crime scene simulation classroom
     The Classroom of the Theory of State and Law
     The Classroom of Criminal Law and Procedure
     The Classroom of Civil Law

Academic staff:
Myrzakhanova M.N. CMS,  acting professor
RakhmetulinaB.S. CJS
SyzdykovS.R. Master of Law
NukiyevB.A. Master of Law
Tleuberdina U.T. Master of Law
Kultasov A.A. Master of Law
Seitenova S.Zh. Master of Law
Myrzakhanov E.N. senior lecturer
Nauryzbaev E.A. Master of Law
Nurkina Zh.B. Master of Humanities
Zhaksybaeva D.T. Master of Law
Sharivkhan J. Master of Law
Maksimenko E.V. Master of Law
Omarov A.Zh. Master of Law
Aimukanova A.M. Master of Law
Khabdulin A.B. Master of Law
Educational-supporting staff of the department:
Sokova A.T. laboratory assistant

Phone: +77162721118
The address of the department: Akana Sery, 24, Campus  No. 4, office No. 204, No. 220.