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S. Sadvakassov Agrarian- Economic Institute

Address: Kuanyshev st. 170, campus №5, Office №226
Contact tel: 8(7162) 77-15-69

To the present day, the institute trains 561 students, of which 300 - on the state educational grant, as well as 22 undergraduates, 4 of whom are trained on a grant. Training is conducted in the state and Russian languages.
Bachelors and undergraduates are trained by more than 60 highly qualified teachers, including 11 doctors of science, 20 candidates of science and 27 masters.
To maintain the educational process at a high level, the Institute organizes a corresponding material and technical base. Classes are held in a typical building, there are modern laboratories for studying "1C Accounting", "Tax business", "Mini Bank", "Technologies of storage and processing of agricultural products", "Agrochemistry", "Selection and seed production", 4 computer classes, interactive classrooms, 4 lecture rooms with multimedia projectors, a library, a reading room, an electronic reading room, a physically improving center, an assembly hall and a canteen.
At the Department of Economics and Accounting there is a branch on the basis of the operating LLP "Softmaster" for the continuous training of accountants and economists, for students of the specialties “Agronomy" and "Agrarian Technology and Technologies" a branch was opened on the basis of LLP "Eurasia Group", and in JSC "Tsesna Bank " a branch for students of the specialty "Finance "was opened. For educational and demonstration purposes, an experienced training- research and production complex "Elite" was organized in the village of Vasilkovka, Zerendinsky district, Akmola region. Work of graduates’ employment is being carried out. For experimental tests and products’ analysis, which were received in the field of agriculture in 2012, the research laboratory "Agroinnovations" was opened in the Institute, and it was renamed as the Laboratory of "Selection and Seed" in 2015.

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Iskakov Abay Zhantasovich

 Contact telephone: 77-07-07

 Reception hours: office №226

Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri-14:00-16:00 h. Sat-09:00-10:30h.


Iskakov Abay Zhantasovich

Director of S. Sadvakassov Agrarian-Economic Institute


Deputy Director for HP - Candidate
of Agricultural Sciences,
Corresponding Member of the Academy of
Agricultural Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Contacts: 32-83-29, 8-701-489-82-39
Hours reception: 226 cab,
Mo, Tue, Wed,Thur,Fri -14:00-16:00
Sat  - 09:00-10:30


Deputy Director for Scientific Work of the S. Sadvakassov Agrarian-Economic Institute

Educational programs:
5В080100 - Agronomy;
5В080200 - Technology of production of livestock products;
5В080800 - Soil Science and Agrochemistry;
5В080700 - Forest Resources and Forestry;
5В080600 - Agrarian Engineering and Technology;
5В050600 - Economics;
5В050700 - Management;
5В051100 - Marketing;
5В050800 - Accounting and Audit;
5В050900; - Finance.

6М080100 - Agronomy;
6М080800 - Soil Science and Agrochemistry;
6М080600 - Agrarian Engineering and Technology;
6М050600 - Economics;
6М050700 - Management;
6М051100 - Marketing.

6D080100 - Agronomy

The Institute includes 4 departments:

•    Chair of plant growing and soil science,
•    Department of Mechanization and Livestock,
•    Department of Economics and Accounting,
•    Department of Finance and Management.