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Strategic Planning, Accreditation and Quality Management Department

Strategic Planning, Accreditation and Quality Management Department

The department of strategic planning, accreditation and quality management is a direct receiver of the quality management system department (QMS). The history of the creation of the department is connected with the adoption of a decision by the university management on the implementation of a quality management system in 2004. Sh. Ualikhanov KSU was one of the first universities of the republic to receive a certificate of quality management system compliance with the requirements of MS ISO 9001 and supports this system until today. In 2018, the university is certified for compliance with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2015 by the Russian Register Certification Association with obtaining a quality certificate and an international certification network - IQNet.

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At the initial stage, the purpose of the QMS was to implement the requirements of ISO MS, aimed at improving the quality of services provided by the university. QMS documents were developed and put into effect, ensuring the process of planning, managing, assessing the quality of educational results and educational processes Sh. Ualihanova KSU.

But the realities of time began to dictate new conditions for the development of education. The internationalization of the education market, increased competition contribute to the desire of universities to obtain evidence of the quality of educational programs through accreditation.

The university began active preparations for national accreditation. The department carried out a huge work on the analysis and collection of materials for the self-assessment of the university, which is an integral part of accreditation. The finale of this work was that Sh. Ualikhanov Kokshetau State University. was one of the first in the republic to pass the national institutional accreditation in 2009.

In 2013, the university staff successfully passed the state certification of the MES RK, this indicates that the educational activities of Sh. Ualikhanov KSU meet all the requirements for certification.


In 2014, according to the results of national institutional accreditation, Sh. Ualikhanov KSU was accredited for a period of five years. According to the results of specialized accreditation for a period of five years, 16 educational programs of the university are accredited.

In turn, the presence of national accreditation, conducted according to international quality standards, allowed our university in 2015 to pass a specialized international accreditation for 6 educational programs of undergraduate and graduate programs in the Accreditation Agency ACQUIN (Germany):

- 5В011900 Foreign language: two foreign languages (baccalaureate);

- 6М011900 Foreign language: two foreign languages (magistracy);

- 5В011200 Chemistry (baccalaureate)

- 6М060600 Chemistry (magistracy)

- 5В080100 Agronomy (baccalaureate)

- 6М080100 Agronomy (magistracy)

In the 2015-2016 academic year, 44 educational programs of Sh. Ualikhanov KSU are accredited for a period of five years based on the decision of the Accreditation Council of the Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating (IAAR).

In total, 60 undergraduate and graduate education programs have passed national accreditation today.

In November 2017, the university underwent post-accreditation monitoring on the results of institutional accreditation and specialized accreditation of 16 educational programs.

In order to conduct institutional re-accreditation and specialized accreditation, the University has concluded an agreement with the Independent Agency for Accreditation and Expertise of the Quality of Education “ARQA”.

To efficiently organize the work of SPA&QMD, a schedule was developed for preparations for the institutional re-accreditation (approved October 18, 2018). The plan reflects the deadlines for the preparation of the report, presents the criteria for self-reporting, those responsible for self-reporting, those responsible for providing information to the self-reporting, the subject of verification and deadlines.

As part of the implementation of the schedule, 2 working groups were created (order No. 545 dated 10.24.2018) to conduct a self-assessment procedure separately for institutional re-accreditation and separately for specialized accreditation. 

On October 29, in order to clarify the procedure, methods and technology of institutional re-accreditation and specialized accreditation, Kuderina Aizhan Ermekovna Agency, Director of Independent Accreditation Agency Kuzherina Ajana ARQA, conducted an educational seminar at the university to clarify the procedure. All members of the working groups took part in the workshop.

Responsible persons were appointed for the preparation of the self-assessment report in terms of institutional accreditation standards in accordance with the order No. 86 of October 31, 2018.

Responsible for each standard together with working groups prepared reports summarizing the activities over the past 5 years. All information presented in the reports was checked by an internal expert group for compliance with the criteria of standards and accuracy.

Reports on the results of self-assessment were approved at the meeting of the Academic Council on November 21, 2018.

In February 2019, the university successfully passed the procedure of institutional accreditation and specialized accreditation of 2 undergraduate educational programs (Accounting and Audit, Finance) and 3 doctoral educational programs (Mathematics, Philology, History).





The functional activity of the service includes organizational work on the licensing of educational activities. During the last academic year, SPA&QMD carried out work on the preparation of materials for the opening of PhD-doctoral studies. Today, the university provides PhD training for doctors in 6 specialties: Foreign Language: two foreign languages, Mathematics, Philology, History, Agronomy, Ecology.

In 2018, the university received a license in 6 undergraduate majors: 5В060600 - Chemistry, 5В060400 - Physics, 5В060100 - Mathematics, 5В060700 - Biology, 5В060200 - Computer Science, 5В020300 - History, 5В130100 - General Medicine, as well as dual specialties: Chemistry-Biology, Mathematics-Physics, Mathematics-Computer Science, Physics-Computer Science, History-Religious Studies, Geography-History

The result of the work of SPA&QMD to obtain a state license for the training of specialists in technical and vocational education programs was the opening of a multidisciplinary college in pedagogical, economic, legal and technical specialties.

In 2015, the service carried out work on the opening of the military department. Today, students of technical and legal specialties are trained at the military department in military specialties "Organization of military communications and military traffic", "Life Safety", etc.

The Department of Strategic Planning, Accreditation and Quality Management ensures the participation of the university in national ratings at various levels. For several years, a number of educational programs based on the results of the Independent Rating of Higher Education Institutions of the RK occupy high places.

In the general ranking of the TOP-20 universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, conducted by the Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating, the university ranks fourteenth.

According to the results of the ranking of universities in the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2018, 5 specialties of undergraduate and graduate programs took leading positions:

2 place

5В080100 – Agronomy

5В091200 – Restaurant and hotel business

6М011600 – Geography

6М080600 – Agrarian technology and technology

3 place

6М060600 – Chemistry

The university took part in the world academic rankings conducted by the International Agency Quacquarelli Symonds Limited (QS) (UK) on the world ranking of universities, as well as the webometric rankings conducted by the Cybermetrics Lab (Webometrics Ranking of Word Universities) (Spain). According to the results of the webometric rating, our university in January 2018 took the 58th place out of 101 Kazakhstan universities.

In 2016, within the framework of the implementation of the Plan of the Nation “100 concrete steps”, the Supervisory Board of the University was created. SPA&QM department is also responsible for the interaction of the university with the members of the Supervisory Board.

The Department carries out strategic planning of the university’s activities, consistent with the state policy in the field of education, creates regulatory documents that meet the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, ISO 9001, regulate the activities of the university, monitors the quality of educational, research and educational work of the university, ensures the implementation of the principles of the national assessment system quality education.

The expert auditors of the Department conduct internal audits of structural units for the organization of the educational process and the maintenance of regulatory documentation.

The Department ensures the implementation of the academic policy and goals of the university in the field of quality, various monitoring activities and quality control operations of work processes and their results are carried out, the performance of university departments to ensure the quality of training in accordance with the requirements of SES RK is assessed, advice is provided processing, analysis and provision of statistical reports on issues related to the competence of the Office.

In addition, SPA & QMD is working on the preparation of educational documents issued by foreign educational organizations for the recognition and nostrification procedure.